2/6/17 White Bean and Kielbasa Stew

This White Bean and Kielbasa Stew was yet another recipe I came across on Facebook that was intriguing.  Beans are filling and full of fiber, the stew has spinach with a tomato base, and I love kielbasa.  And all in a slow cooker!!  It seemed perfect.

I followed the recipe as instructed, which was basically just open/cut everything and dump it in the slow cooker.  The exception was the 6 cloves of garlic…I only put in one…nobody needs that much garlic! I also dumped in frozen precut spinach rather than the fresh stuff.  SO much easier than the real stuff.  I also added some bella mushrooms since I had them in the house and needed to use them up.


I’ve made this on subsequent cooking days using canned beans rather than dry ones and cutting down on the broth per the comments.  It’s come out just fine both times with no noticeable difference, though I like the idea of using canned beans better.  Cook’s Country tested beans and says that nowadays canned beans are more reliable in terms of cooking and tastier overall.


This is the pic once the slow cooker was done but before the spinach was added.  Look at those tasty pieces of meat.  Look at those beautiful beans.  Look at those tasty mushrooms.  Chock full of umami and deliciousness.

After the spinach was added…


Now it looks like a HEALTHY stew chock full of umami.  Yummm.

This recipe made TONS of food.  It’s pretty filling and a serving size, at least for me, is very small.  I have a hard time getting through even 3/4 of a pint.  I parceled them out into pint and quart jars and it filled at least a dozen!  I ate it for a very long time.


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