2/3/17 Creamy Orange-Ginger Body Scrub

When I saw this recipe for Creamy Orange-Ginger Body Scrub in a recent email from Cooking Light, it was an instant Save to the hard drive moment.  I love ginger – that smell that hits your nose and instantly wakes up all your senses – and it pairs excellently with citrus.  Having it in the shower as a scrub in the morning?  Yes please!  In addition to which I thought it would make excellent gifts for some ladies (or gentlemen, I guess…I don’t discriminate) for Christmas.

The recipe is pretty simple, and here’s a screenshot of what you do since Cooking Light decided not to include a link to a printable recipe.  PS: why is Cooking Light publishing body scrub recipes?!?!


So…simple, few ingredients, fast to make in a stand mixer.  Three things I love.

One roadblock was finding small jars to put them in.  Even pint mason jars were too large, and I had to scour stores for a while to find half-pint mason jars to use.  Luckily I found a six pack at Wally World before the weekend cookathon, so I was good to go.

It mixed up exactly like the video in the link shows…with one exception.  I hadn’t watched the video in a while when I made the scrub, and the directions aren’t clear as to whether you melt the coconut oil or not when mixing.  I figured that you should probably melt it, as it would help the sugar go into solution and create a more homogenous mixture before hardening.  So…melted the oil, mixed up everything, poured into the mason jars, and stuck them in the fridge.

Here’s why that was the wrong decision!

Don’t get me wrong, the scrub is excellent.  Feels nice, obviously exfoliates when you rub the sugary part into your skin, and believe it or not the dog thinks it’s super tasty (no, I didn’t taste it…but you could eat it, I suppose.  Not too much or your pipes would get overly lubed!).  But because I melted the oil, it separated from the OJ, and by the time the whole thing had cooled down it was the equivalent of a body scrub layer cake.  You couldn’t use it without melting the entire jar back down again.  Not very practical for use in the shower.

Speaking of not practical, whoever heard of storing their body scrub in the fridge?!  “Hey hon, I gotta jump in the shower…let me just run to the fridge first…”  I understand why the recommend that, but still…weird.

I ended up still giving it away, but recommended that the giftees either heated the jars, mixed and allowed them to cool slightly before use (doubt anyone would bother to do that, including me) or do what I did, which was to melt the contents of the jar in the microwave and then pour it into a running bath.  Gave a great smelling bath that hydrated my skin.

Of course I do want to try it again the RIGHT WAY next time.  It’s just like me to manage to screw up a 4-ingredient, 3 step process that actually had an instructional video with it.  I would recommend this one to try, I think if you actually followed the directions it would turn out great!


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