2/1/17 Crochet Cocoon Shrug

I don’t make clothing very often when I crochet, mostly because it comes out too big, too small, too full of holes, or just generally ugly (in my opinion).  It also, in my pre-weight loss days, was too warm for me.  Oh, I make the usual crocheter’s regalia of hats and scarves, but that’s outerwear.  I’m talking about a sweater.  I’ve never crocheted a sweater.  And I don’t intend to, except perhaps as punishment for myself (making it) and someone that I really dislike (as the recipient of said sweater).

I’ve made attempts at various cardigans that inevitably end up being thrown out or given away (to then be thrown out).  But I was inspired by a coworker who is usually a knitter but has forayed into the world of crocheted clothing recently and asked me for help.  She’s using a beautiful, thick soft self-striping yarn called Scarfie (one skein makes a scarf, strangely enough) and she wanted to make a cocoon shrug out of it.  Well of course once I saw her pattern, I had to make a shrug of my own.

I did a variety of research to try to find a pattern that worked up fast and easy but still produced a shrug that I would actually wear.  I settled on this Granny Cocoon Shrug on Ravelry but simplified it to just making hdcs across.  I bought my own set of Scarfie yarn on sale at Joanns (hooray!).  I chose the forest [green]/black for me in the hopes it would bring out my eye color and match with what I typically wear, which is very natural colors.  The pattern is basically make a square (rectangle) of hdcs across until you get sick of crocheting or your square is long enough; fold corners until they meet each other; sew or crochet from corners to 3/4 of the way up the side of each, leaving a space for an armhole.  I finished the edges very simply by doing hdcs all the way around each opening.  The only thing I added was two braided lengths of yarn, one on each side, so I could tie the shrug closed over my front.

This project used a little over two skeins of yarn and came out (I’m surprised to say) very well.  As soon as I finished it I wore it to work over a tank top and jeans and it kept me toasty, but not too toasty, all day.  It was soft and comfy and dind’t get in my way.  I’d say the only complaint I have about it is the natural drape of the cocoon shrug design itself, which inevitably causes bunching of fabric at your neck.  It’s a small complaint though; the shrug is super comfortable and I did it over two days – pretty fast.  Maybe this will be my first step to the road to sweater-ville?!

Will add a pic once I take one!


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