1/24/2017 Random Dog Toy and Peanut Butter Balls

No deep thoughts today; lets talk about some silly stuff.

I rarely buy Kyra stuffie toys; they’re ridiculously expensive considering they last about 20 seconds (even the “Tuff” ones are only good for a few minutes) and Kyra can get just as much joy out of shredding a cardboard box.  No really, both myself and my living room floor can testify to the scraps of cardboard currently spread all over it.  The only times she gets stuffies are occasionally when someone gives them to her, when I break out the stash of 99 cent ones I get from the Evil Empire for some extra incentive while training, or when she’s driving me crazy and I crochet one with the extra squeakies and stuffing I rescue from the toys she’s previously destroyed.

A temporary coworker of mine bought Kyra this Lambchop toy as an early Christmas present and (as you can see) she thoroughly enjoyed it.  Lambchop lasted remarkably long – at least a few minutes – and contained two little squeakies and one big squeaky that I rescued as the demolition progressed.

Lambchops are tasty!

About a week later she was driving me up a wall but I was too tired to play, so I whipped up a quick dog-toy-like object for her to entertain herself with.

Mom.  Gimme that weird-looking thing.

The toy had a squeaky in both ends and was crocheted out of Super Saver yarn, so it’s actually a little bit harder for her to get through than Lambchop was.  The yarn pulls and tightens rather than tears, so it takes her a little while to get into the guts of the toy.  She seems to particularly relish pulling the stuffing out with her front teeth once she’s made a hole wide enough to do so…it’s Wild Kingdom watching her sometimes.  It’s very easy to imagine that the stuffing is entrails.

Practicing “take it” and “hold it” before demolition.

The next is a fast, easy, and few-ingredient recipe that’s become a favorite of both my mother and my bestie.  The only criticism I have for it is that it’s terrible health-wise for you.  But most delicious things are!

I can’t remember where I first found this recipe – probably via Facebook – and of course I can’t find the original source anymore, but Skippy’s version is pretty much the one I used.  You just mix peanut butter (I prefer chunky), LOTS of confectioner’s sugar (you think that much sugar won’t go into that little PB, but it does!) and some butter until it’s dough-like, form into balls, chill, and drizzle or dip into melted chocolate.  I usually add a small amount of vanilla  extract to the dough while it’s mixing for an extra layer of flavor.  Forming the balls takes by far the longest, but if you have a small Ice Cream Scoop or a round tablespoon and don’t particularly care if your balls are perfectly spherical it goes much faster.

Completed PB Balls.  Plus the non-waste of leftover chocolate and M&Ms on the left hand side.  Hey, you can’t just throw out chocolate!!

We learned very quickly the first time making these that it is extremely messy to try to immerse the entire PB ball into chocolate.  I gave up on the fork at one point and just used my fingers.  Since then, the bestie has preferred to hand dip the tops of the balls, while I go the easier, faster, and chocolate-saving route and use a fork or small plastic bag with the corner cut off to drizzle chocolate over the balls.

Once set, these guys freeze and thaw very easily and are delicious either way.  Of course they must be kept chilled or you’ll end up with sweetened peanut butter, but you can throw them into sandwich bags and keep them in the fridge without damaging them.

Now I want some…darn this blog.


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