1/8/17: Owl Blanket and Toy

I’m going to reach into my vault a bit here to discuss a blanket I made for my best friend early in 2016.  It relates to recent work, I promise, because I gave her a related Christmas gift that I’ll also show you.

My friend C. really loves owls.  I don’t know why, because I think if she ever met an owl for real she would be absolutely terrified.  She’s terrified of bugs and dirt and such, I think owls rate about the same reaction in her world.  Maybe she just likes cute, fake owls.  She certainly does love cute stuff like that.  (If I sound mystified…I am.)

I saw this Crochet Owl C2C Baby Blanket Pattern on the Facebook group that I’m a member of called Crochet Addict.  Mostly it’s a forum for people to brag about the latest projects they’ve created and generate likes and comments to make them feel good about themselves.  However it also is occasionally good inspiration for a gift.  I was searching for a gift for the bestie’s 50th birthday (shh…don’t tell anyone) and saw this and knew instantly she would love it.  The added bonus is that I’ve never done a C2C blanket before and have always wanted to try this technique.

C’s C2C crocheted owl blanket.

The pattern was surprisingly easy, although I found it essential to print out a copy and cross out each line as I completed it.  If I stupidly forgot to do so or thought I was too good to keep up with the pattern, I usually ended up hopelessly mired in confusion and frustration while recounting everything I had done and frogging a variety of stitches.

Having said that, the only other difficulty I really encountered was the multiple skeins of yarn I had to keep up with, particularly during the widest part of the blanket.  At its worst I might have had 6 individual, small skeins of yarn to tote around and flip without tangling at the end of every row.  It got complicated.  I chose the various pinks deliberately since C. loves pink (ugh…why are we friends again??) and then picked the green as the background color to go with a bedspread I knew she had.  The yellow was mostly just a color I had in my stash that seemed to work with the rest of the colors.  It’s brighter in the picture than it appears in real life.

Otherwise, the pattern was easy to follow and there weren’t an overly abundant number of loose ends to weave in, as I tried to work them in while crocheting whenever possible.  The border was relatively easy to complete also, and adds a nice finishing touch.

I don’t often post in Crochet Addict, but I was pretty proud of my creation (it took a long time because I could only work on it at home and when C. wasn’t around…narrows down the time allotted a bit).  It actually got 300+ likes (the most likes I’ve ever had to a post!) and long list of comments asking or talking about it.  It was nice to get acknowledgement of hard work completed, and I’ll definitely be doing a C2C blanket again.  I’m thinking about taking on a rather ambitious 10+ color one based off a photograph at some point.  However I’m a bit cowed by the complexity of the project.  I don’t know if it’ll ever happen.

C. absolutely loved the gift, and tells me that she uses it as a cuddle blanket often.  I’m glad it’s being put to good use.  For Christmas this past year she asked for a stuffed owl to match the blanket, which was a little tougher as 1. it was hard to find an amigurumi pattern for an owl that looked like the one on the blanket and 2. I had used up all of the pink yarn in my stash on the blanket and didn’t want to buy more.  I found this Owl Amigurumi Pattern and adapted it to look like the blanket owl, and used a varigated pink yarn from the stash to attempt to match.

C.’s crocheted owl.

Not great, I admit.  The wings are the green from the background and the pink shades of the body match (to some extent) the pink in the blanket.  I could have definitely done a better job.  It would have helped to have had matching yarn I guess!  C. seems pretty happy with the gift, though, so I’m satisfied as well.  The girlie eyelashes were my owl addition and were mostly an inside joke for myself…C. likes everything girlie and pink and I knew she’d love the eyelashes.  Words like girlie, pink, and eyelashes just make me want to find the nearest trash bucket to hurl into.

I’m thinking – half as a joke and half seriously – to make her this Crochet Owl Hat.  She’s not much of a hat wearer, but this may motivate her, and we have high temps in the single digits today.  It’ll be worthwhile!


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